An excerpt from Blackstone’s Heart by Michelle Kee. You can grab your copy here.

Former Marine Special Ops Ethan Blackstone thought his day would start off with business as usual at Blackout Security Inc. until a call for help from Austin’s top DA changes everything.

Krista Jameson’s a romance novelist. She’s also the DA’s only daughter and Ethan’s first love from long ago. With the success of her latest book, a crazed fan has marked her as his. When her stalker writes threatening letters to Krista’s father, it forces him to hire security and unexpectedly brings Ethan back into her life. Ethan was dangerous to her heart as a teenager, the man he was now could be lethal.

Will being forced to work together rekindle a flame that was never truly dead? As the danger to Krista grows so, too, does their passion. Together they will face her nightmare, but as their past meets their present, will they have a future once the danger ends?