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Don’t just read erotica, experience it

You know, there’s probably been times when you’ve become enthralled by a story, and become so engrossed, that you could you feel your mind drifting into the story.

As if you were living the story.

Now what if you could magnify that sensation.

In fact you could make it some intense as if you could feel every caress, every touch as if it was happening to you right now.

Thats what hypnotic erotica is – an erotica experience,

every nuance…
…every touch…
…every sensation…
…right the way through to an amazing orgasm.

Now, it’s not the same as sleep, it’s more like daydreaming, you won’t be unconscious, but you will be in your own little world for a while. If at any point in time you need to awaken, such as feeling uncomfortable about anything in the recording, you will be able to do so immediately.

To get the most erotic experience from these recordings, all you have to do is relax and let the sound of my voice wash over you. You may not remember all the words consciously afterwards, but you will feel every sensation and experience that feeling as if it was happening to you.

Please be aware that these recording are hypnotic, and so should only be listened to while you’re not in a moving vehicle and it is perfectly safe to do so , and they are of a strong sexual nature, so please only listen if you are happy to go into trance and experience the full sexual delights of erotic hypnosis.

Now, if you want to listen, you can simply go here, and savour the delights of Erotic Hypnosis

Just a few of the recent comments on my recordings…

This was so incredibly hot! I usually listen to stuff like this just to get a little turned on, but I was soaked by the end. I will definitely be listening to it again.

I didn’t think it would work but I’ve never been more relaxed and sexually satisfied in my whole life. Thank you!

I honestly got a little confused when your voice started overlapping but jesus it worked I’ve been trying to get satisfied all night and finally am.

Beautiful- I loved it !

OMG! Amazing … Best Orgasms!!!

A little bit about me…

Hi, I’ve been studying hypnosis for almost 30 years now.  I am a certified Clinical Hypnotist (now it sounds serious).  For the past 20 years my studies have focused on experiential storytelling which is a really fancy way of saying I use stories to create experiences for people as if they actually lived through them.  Although other, more traditional hypnotists may not agree with me, i see erotic hypnosis as the pinnacle of this.

The intensity of feeling you feel when you have an orgasm, particularly as a woman is like no other sensation.  Having developed techniques to remove the normal obstacles to a really intense orgasm, and to enhance all the sensations you feel when aroused, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, I am confident I can give you the most mind blowing orgasms you have ever experienced…

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