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This story does contain graphic descriptions of a pagan sex scene and intense squirting.

You can enjoy the full story and all of Arabella’s sexual journey here at https://www.amazon.com/Ronda-Kinneil/e/B09RN2Z3N7/

When Arabella and Elliot met Nate, they both discovered he had a special magic to him. But when Arabella finds she has a whole day free to spend alone with Nate, he reveals a far deeper form of enchantment than she had previously encountered.

Some places have a magic to themselves, a magic rooted in old gods, in the elements and the seasons. But sometimes that magic requires a sacrifice. What will Arabella have to give up — and what will she get in return? Can Nate dissolve her inhibitions so they can come together?

Magical Awakenings is a sweet, sexy, short tale of passion, paganism, and mystical eroticism.