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Two excerpts from Geralds Wish by Guest Author S E Isaac….

Kaylee Brittain has recently graduated high school and been accepted to her top pick university. Her dream has come true. Or at least that’s what most in her shoes would think. However, Kaylee’s stomach is in knots as she tries to come up with a way to pay for her dream school and life in the Big Apple. She’s from a small town where those who are born there, generally stay there forever. Kaylee dreams of so much more. She’ll stop at nothing to reach those dreams. That’s why when Kaylee’s friend, Lauren, tells her about the amount of money people are willing to pay for a surrogate, Kaylee sees her big chance to pay for college– but at what cost will it come to Kaylee?

Gerald Mason has never gone without anything his entire life. If it could be bought, his parents bought it for him. Now that Gerald is the owner and CEO of his family’s iron fabrication business, Gerald is the one with the overflowing bank accounts. He works hard and plays even harder. That is until his mother sits him down and reminds him that he has no heir to take his place. What does a bachelor, who wants no strings attached to a woman of his child, do? Simple– he contracts with a surrogacy agency to find the perfect candidate to have his heir.

When Kaylee and Gerald’s paths cross, sparks fly and passion ignites. After sharing their current problems, Gerald pitches the idea to Kaylee of her carrying his child for him in exchange for him paying for her schooling. Will Kaylee jump at the opportunity and grant Gerald’s wish? Or will Kaylee run back home to the life she was born into?