Seriously, too Hot for Amazon

I was amazed when I got the email through.  This book has been blocked by Amazon for being too sexually stimulating.  You’ve probably seen it on Facebook or Instagram.  Now, to bring you up to date, Apple have agreed to release it through their Ibooks store, but Amazon are sticking to their guns!

So because of the deal with Apple, I can’t sell it to you, or make it publicly available.  However, as you’re a member of my website, you can download a copy.

My opinion, I don’t think it’s that hot, but I’m an erotic hypnotist, so this is normal for me.  You will have probably heard a bulk of the as it’s in Bathed In Lust – this is just the written version.   But I would love your feedback.

You can download the pdf here

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or the Epub here

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if you have any problems please feel free to email me at