Pleasure is found on so many levels….

New for 2021, I would like to introduce the Virtual Pleasure Sessions, specially crafted hypnotic and visualisation sessions designed to enhance your pleasure on so many levels.

These are not single audios, they are the same sessions I would do in private consultation, an hour a week. 

Each and ever session is fully supported by me.  If you need help or advice, I am always there for you.

Specifically designed with one thing in mind, your pleasure these unique sessions combine different techniques and methods to create the best way for you to enjoy deep, lasting pleasure and satisfaction on every level of your life.

These sessions are designed with one thing in mind, to enhance your life. 

Please note this pricing is early bird pricing and once the sessions start, each session will go up to it’s full price. 

The prices quoted are for the complete courses including all modules.




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