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Your Personal Erotic Hypnosis Services

Making things more personal ignites the passion in erotica.

You know you can have intense orgasms, just by listening to my voice and hearing my words, making it personal, makes it so much more intimate. Every personal session is crafted for you, and to help satisfy your desires. I will create a generic version of your fantasy that is published through the website, but your version is all yours, no-one will have a copy of that.

It may be that you need help to relax and maybe destress so you can really enjoy those passionate moments. Not only will my relaxation session take all the stress of the day away, but it will help you keep it away so the only thing you have to do is enjoy the pleasures that are offered.

It’s well known that the erotic experiences you discover through my recordings are very intense. Of course, enhancing and intensifying the erotic sensations are the stock in trade of any erotic hypnotist , using them within a session, and helping you discover the ability to apply them whenever you want, is something that’s often forgotten.

For many the most powerful element of erotic hypnosis, is the ability to experience fantasies as if they were really happening, with absolutely zero emotional or physical risk. My recordings go some way to doing this, you can explore any fantasy you want, just plug in your earbuds and I’ll take you there and it will feel so real. But you know when it’s live, it is so much more intense. For all sorts of technical reasons, I can make it truly an experience to remember, and whats more you can keep remembering, long after our session, I can leave you with ‘post hypnotic suggestions, which mean anytime you want to experience that fantasy again you can, straight away.

You may well want some traditional hypnosis elements adding to your session, such as confidence boosting or maybe improving your self image. Most traditional hypnosis sessions can be brought into an erotic session, all be it on a very subtle level (you don’t want to feel harassed over your self image while your having the most intense orgasms do you). But it works – you get to orgasm and deal with issues, what could be better?

Each recording costs just $99 and takes between 7 and 10 days to create.

Personal Recordings are crafted for you, they are your fantasy, recorded for you.  To get started, just fill in the form below

Just a few of the recent comments on my recordings…

This was so incredibly hot! I usually listen to stuff like this just to get a little turned on, but I was soaked by the end. I will definitely be listening to it again.

I didn’t think it would work but I’ve never been more relaxed and sexually satisfied in my whole life. Thank you!

I honestly got a little confused when your voice started overlapping but jesus it worked I’ve been trying to get satisfied all night and finally am.

Beautiful- I loved it !

OMG! Amazing … Best Orgasms!!!

A little bit about me…

Hi, I’ve been studying hypnosis for almost 30 years now.  I am a certified Clinical Hypnotist (now it sounds serious).  For the past 20 years my studies have focused on experiential storytelling which is a really fancy way of saying I use stories to create experiences for people as if they actually lived through them.  Although other, more traditional hypnotists may not agree with me, i see erotic hypnosis as the pinnacle of this.

The intensity of feeling you feel when you have an orgasm, particularly as a woman is like no other sensation.  Having developed techniques to remove the normal obstacles to a really intense orgasm, and to enhance all the sensations you feel when aroused, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, I am confident I can give you the most mind blowing orgasms you have ever experienced…