Erotica sex scenes, over to you…

I hope you’ve been enjoying the erotic scenes from established and professional authors. In case you weren’t aware, authors are reluctant to submit scenes, and for very good reason. These scenes they have worked on for weeks, if not months and letting it be narrated and listened to for free is a big step for them.

In order for it be of interest for them to do, and you to enjoy, they would hope to see some reviews appearing on Amazon, or preferably some sales. So please, if you have enjoyed a scene, show your appreciation by reviewing their book on Amazon, or go mad and buy a copy, they are only a few dollars after all, that way professional authors are much more likely to give us more scenes to enjoy in future! If we don’t then we will struggle to get authors putting their work forward for narration and your pleasure in the future.

If you have missed any of the scenes, I will be uploading them into the Audio Erotica section…probably as you are reading this.

In case you want to review any of the books you have heard the scene from, or maybe go ahead and buy a copy for even more pleasure the links are :

Lacee Hightower – Saving the Grace

Amanda V Shane – Odile Legend of the Black Swan

Lacee Hightower – Intrigue Me