“I am extremely horny after listening to it.”

Paranormal Strangers to lovers erotic fantasy part 1

Desperate to escape a past that has tormented her for far too long, Alice risks everything driving toward the storm. Determined to start her new life, travelling toward the torrent of rain and thunder.

There is a moment when it all changes. Her world turns up-side down 

A moment that leaves her bloodied and vulnerable.

A moment she knows she now has to fight to survive. 

Dragging herself through the muddied dirt tracks, she finds the one sanctuary she can, an old hay barn she remembers from her childhood. 

Hiding in the shadows, away from the persecution of her life.

From those shadows arises a man. A man whose strength invades every cell of her body. A man she cannot refuse.

Is he her savior or her ruin?

Can she survive the dark of the night and hope that dawn’s warm caress might provide the salvation she so desperately needs?