Exclusively on Wylde in Bed, Part 1 of the sexy and playful strangers to lovers erotic story, Immaculate Service by Ronda Kinneil

Content warning: This story does contain graphic descriptions of public sex, passionate play and intense sex.

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Sparkling Company

Arabella and Elliot have got the perfect break planned – a weekend together in a luxury hotel, with elegant decor, exquisite food, and only the best champagne; although they plan to put their mouths to better use than just food and drink.

But who is that young waiter serving them the oysters and petits fours? Why does he seem so interested in them both? Does he have plans of his own? And if two’s sparkling company, might three be even more? Arabella always did think it was best to share one’s meals with friends, especially when the portions are so big…

Sparkling Company is a sweet, sexy, short tale of new romance, chance encounters, and passions fulfilled.

Explicit. Female POV. M/M/F.

Magical Awakenings

When Arabella and Elliot met Nate, they both discovered he had a special magic to him. But when Arabella finds she has a whole day free to spend alone with Nate, he reveals a far deeper form of enchantment than she had previously encountered.

Some places have a magic to themselves, a magic rooted in old gods, in the elements and the seasons. But sometimes that magic requires a sacrifice. What will Arabella have to give up — and what will she get in return? Can Nate dissolve her inhibitions so they can come together?

Magical Awakenings is a sweet, sexy, short tale of passion, paganism, and mystical eroticism.

Explicit. Female POV. M/M. M/F.

Hanging on the Telephone

Fresh from her adventures with Nate, Arabella has some explaining to do…

Explicit. Female POV. M/F.