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The story behind Bathed In Lust

Initially I started playing with the idea of a pagan ceremony – the fire, the dancing all had a very passionate feel to it, but then I started getting too close to the core story in Seduced by the Shadow, and I do like to make every story as unique and individual as possible.

I hadn’t worked with large amounts of water in a little time, and water has a wonderfully hypnotic and erotic life all of it’s own, so I was enthusiastic to get back in the water. I know what you’re thinking – mankini clad bikers (I bet you’ve got that image crystal clear right now, the problem is it just won’t go for ages, trust me – I’m a therapist). But no, as you’ve probably noticed my stories tend to be a little more metaphorical than that. As you’ve probably noticed I also like a certain surreality to my recordings, there are very definite hypnotic reasons for that – which if anyone is interested I will write an article on…but I don’t want to bore you and spoil the illusion needlessly. Having gone through every possible sea creature (yes, there was actually a version involving sea horses! It didn’t have a long life and was put out of it’s misery fairly quickly – I’m very humane like that) and crabs, but at the time nipple clamps weren’t the flavor of the month they were eventually to become.

If you’ve listened to the story, you’re no doubt aware there is no description of WHAT sort of tentacles they are – squid, octopus or any other form of be-tentacled sea creature (it’s not my best topic in a general knowledge quiz). But that’s part of the magic of Experiential Erotica, I craft the stories so your imagination fills in those bits. And the more your imagination works on it, the more real the whole story becomes. The tentacles themselves I did want to have a certain bondage feel to them, as in the original gang bang story. It is something absolutely beyond your control, but then that is a very big part of the fantasy as it is with every BDSM fantasy. Ooohh Tentacles do BDSM I wonder if you realised that when you were listening? Of course you did. Because of their disembodied nature (at least for the purposes of this story) there could be as many tentacles as I needed, and they could go EVERYWHERE. Did you know an Octopus can squeeze in to very small spaces (this is because they have no bones if you’re interested)? So NOWHERE on your body is beyond their reach, now that opens up all sorts of opportunities! But I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t listened.

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