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Guided Masturbation for women - Erotic Stories

Guided Masturbation for women

Wouldn't it be great if you could you let your orgasms go To enjoy that sensation of an orgasm moving all over your body. Illuminating every inch of your skin. And you know it is so easy to let yourself go, so give your body permission now, put on your headphones and unleash your orgasm.
Seduced by the Shadow - Erotic threesome stories

Seduced by the Shadow

A hypnotic journey deep into the forest... the discovery of the burning embers of a fire... strange sigils are all around... dare you stoke the fire... to bring the shadows out of the corners?
Erotic Hypnosis - Oral Sex Session for women

Experience oral sex like never before

You know, I would like to taste every inch of your body. I would like you to feel that sensation through every nerve of your body. And you know, it can feel so real, in fact it can feel even better than you could imagine. So lay back and let me pleasure your body like never before...
Speed of Lust - Erotic Audio Story for women

Speed of Lust

What if you met that man you had all those erotic fantasises about so long ago? Oh, he was such a bad boy, but could he take the intensity of your passion. You can feel his haunting eyes penetrating deep into you. But you're not the sort of girl, who doesn't give as good as she gets.. One night, you and this man, how fast can your lust work.
Erotic Audio Story - Paranormal Dom fantasy - Fae King

The Fae King

You know the forest is full of myths and legends. You have heard the warnings about the Fae, the fairy folk or whatever you would like to call them.  But you're a sensible kinda girl. You know that most of this is just made up by your elders to make sure you stay aware in the forests...isn't it?
Tantric Sex - Erotic Hypnosis for women

Full Tantric Orgasm

You've heard all about tantric sex, and how it can create such intense orgasms, that just seem to go on for hours. And you know, you can experience that sensuous intensity and notice how your orgasms seem to spread all over your body, time and time again...
Sensuous Erotic audio Story - My Sensuous Valentine

My Sensuous Valentine

Join me as I guide you through a truly sensous experiential erotica, taking you into a romantic, rose scented evening. The longing touch of a deep relaxing massage, the intense passion of intimacy, that shared connection made magic between two people
BDSM Erotic Audio Story form women - Tied Senses

Tied Senses

Join me on a light BDSM experience, hands tied as I sensually explore your body, and take you to that point, to the edge and hold you there until I am ready to let you cum.
Erotic Tentacle Fantasy - Erotic Stories for women - Bathed in Lust

Bathed in Lust

Relax back into your bath And let the waters just move around you... You can feel that gentle ripple right? Just focus on it for a moment... Let that pleasure grow... Ohhh what is that? In the water with you, well it feels like....
Erotic stories - Beach Fantasy - Waves of Passion

Waves of Passion

Take a relaxing walk along a moonlit beach, let the night air drift around you. And you know this night, you can feel so many sensations carried on the night air. As you breathe in that night air, you can feel new sensations moving all over your body. So give yourself permission now to experience a level of pleasure you haven't felt before.
Crimson sunset by Lacee Hightower

Crimson Sunset

A hypnotic journey into a world of domination, orgasm control and truly intense moments of passion.  Inspired by the fantastically erotic Crimson Sunset by Lacee Hightower, which you can buy from amazon
Erotic Hypnosis for women - Intense orgasms

Unleash your sensual self – part 1

The Orgasm Booster is a hypnotic session that uses visualisation techniques to take your orgasms to another level.  Now, as it is a 'proper' session, the more you listen to it, the more you will get from it.  So do listen once a day for several days... or more if you like.
Erotic audio story - threesome - Masquerade of Innocence

Masquerade of Innocence

Masquerade of Innocence Your debutante ball..... A masquerade one at that... What experiences could lay in wait for you as you attract the attention of a devilishly handsome young man... and his shadowy friend You can already feel the anticipation growing at the thought of the experiences that await...
Daddy Erotic stories - Princess Presents

Princess Presents…

All the best presents my princess... You know, you do spoil me on my birthday... The presents you have given me, well they have been so much more than I could expect... There's more?
Tortured Desires - Erotic Audio Story for women

Tortured Desires

Tortured Desires

So you've always been curious about BDSM...well let me show you...no kitten, you won't feel it all at once, not while I'm in charge.  This just our first time together, the more we do together, the more intense it will become.  I won't hurt you, more than I know you can handle.. But it will be so passionate...
Kiss of a rose - bisexual erotic audio story

Kiss of a Rose

Join me on a journey into a magical rose garden. Immerse your senses in the sensuality you can discover there, and then, let yourself drift into the deep passion that is a kiss of a rose.
Lure Me - Romantic Erotic audio Story

Lure me – a story of seduction remastered….

Lure me....seduce me

Take me deep under the castle... A truly seductive story, and intimate experience between you and me in a meadow. This was the first recording I ever did...now remastered for your pleasure.
A Show of Passion - Erotic Voyeur Story for women

A Show of Passion

A Show of Passion

Imagine a time, alone, enjoying your fantasies, enjoying your body. The deep sensual pleasures of the private, intimate moment. No one around, nothing to disturb you...until you realise you are being watched, you've been caught in that most sensuous moment. Your heart beats faster, your desire rises. How will it feel as you watch him pleasuring himself while watching you?

Spirit of Seduction - Erotic audio Story

Spirit of Seduction

Spirit of Seduction

This is a beta listen - all feedback is welcome

Runaway Train - Erotic audio story for women

Runaway Train

Runaway Train

What does a person do when they're ready to walk away from their past?

Knowing they might lose everything they ever wanted for good?

Uncertainty burns deep in Mary, like an ache that can't be satisfied.

Yet, the long fingers of desire keep drawing her back, teasing at her, playing with her mind … her emotions.

One single train ride changed her life long years ago.

Could that same ride change everything a second time?

Could Mary Abbott sacrifice her dignity to find genuine love?

Sometimes the truest love may rise way above even the fullest pride.

Seduced by Paris - Erotic Audio story for women

Seduced by Paris

Seduced by Paris

Keith and Marie's passion was a fire, a blazing, red-hot flame that stoked their desires.
But all flames die out.
Life sometimes extinguishes even the hottest firestorm.
After nothing but years of hard work and commitment, they're in Paris, leaving all their daily battles as someone else's problem.
Can love flourish again when there's six years of passion waiting to be unleashed.  When there's no worries … no stress … no rules. Nothing  but each other.
Can one trip to Paris reunite true love?
Lust Bites

Lust Bites

Somewhere deep in the forest...away from prying eyes, you can know there is passion that burns, an ache that lives in the animals that live there. A pack of werewolves, ravenous with desire Dare you enter, beyond the waterfall? Dare you submit to your wildest fantasies? Date you surrender to your deepest desires when you hear the call of the wild? How will you feel the satisfaction of desire when Lust Bites in the wildest way?
Unleash your Sensual Self Part 2 - Erotic hypnosis for women

Unleash your Sensual Self – Part 2

Unleash your Sensual Self Part 2

Go even further into your desires…

What started as intense, has just become oh so more powerful.  This session is designed specifically to guide you in having the most intense orgasms, even when you’re not listening. So give your inner goddess what she really craves and enjoy sensual pleasure like never before.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Dress yourself in your most seductive clothes... A night of romance awaits.  A night of passion.  Already the sounds of the party drift around you as you sit at your dressing table.   But then an intrusion, an unseen visitor.   What will you see as you lose yourself in the looking glass. 
The Edge of Silk

The Edge of Silk

A Yoni massage with an edge... "The best orgasm of my life." "I felt this on levels I new existed." "Jesus I can barely type this after cumming so hard." A unique erotic audio, designed for one thing and one thing alone.   To give you the most intense orgasms. If you have never had a Yoni massage, then this is an experience like no other, and mix that with some delicious edging, and you just have something simmering with desire and passion and your ultimate pleasure.
Salacious Sanctuary

Salacious Sanctuary

Alice is alone in the storm. Dazed, confused, her head bleeding. Here desperation to find shelter from the storm throws into the arms of a stranger, but who is he? And why does she yield so easily to his command. Is he saint or sinner? Angel or Devil? Will the first rays of dawn bring Alice any closer to understanding what has happened?
Lamb to the Slaughter - Chapter Nine

Lamb to the Slaughter – Chapter Nine

Dominic Douleur has learned to control the beast within himself by dark sexual gratification. Twenty-five years have passed since the accident left him scarred, fighting for his life, and a werewolf. Twenty-five years since he was abused by the very people who should have protected him. Twenty-five years since the vicious murder of his parents took place right in front of his eyes. Now, there’s been a death of an innocent, vulnerable, young boy in his care, which has brought his inner wolf to the surface. It is time for the world to hear Dominic Douleur howl once again and to feel his wrath.

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