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Saving the Grace – Scene Reading

“Be a good girl,” my mother always said. And I did.
Until Reese Gentry looked my way.
Eyes holding a beautiful guarantee of wicked, unchaste sin and sex.
Smile flashing shameless bliss and obscene desire.
Hands offering sweet pleasure and bitter punishment.
Sometimes even the good girl next door needs a dirty secret…

With no clingy strings, I willingly give him what he wants, when he wants it, wherever he wants it.
But strings are sometimes broken…

Reese Gentry is used to two things. Getting what he wants … and repeating.
But then life has its own ideas…

Two years pass, and he’s back. But I’m no longer that spirited girl from the past. Those days were only the beginning of my story.
Those days were before I was left a … slut.