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sexy erotic stories written just for you

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Erotic Stories are fun…but erotic audio is so much more intense

You have to read it

It may seem very obvious, but the very act of reading doesn’t allow you to drift deeply to the places you need to go to enjoy the most intense pleasures.

Too Many Distractions

Experiential Erotic Stories are about immersing yourself into the story.  Anything else is a distraction, if the phone’s ringing or there’s loud traffic, it all creates blockages to you having the most intense orgasm.


Touching Pleasure

Unless you let your fingers assist, a book doesn’t physically stimulate you.  As experiential erotic stories tap into your subconscious, and this is the area of your mind that controls your physical reactions, you can be physically stimulated as if you were being touched and your fantasy was real.

It doesn’t have to be like this

Experiential Erotic Stories excite and satisfy

Just put on your headphones and relax

For the next 30 minutes or so, its just you and my voice.  No-one needs you, you have nothing to worry about, my voice will guide you through your most amazing fantasy.

You know all you have to do is listen to my voice, and hear my words and you can enjoy such..mmmm….delightful ecstasy.  So why not come with me now and take a journey of erotic adventure.

Your subconscious can’t tell between imagined and real

It’s true, and when it’s done right, as far as your subconscious is concerned, everything that is happening is real and it will tell your body to react as it would do in that situation. Yes, now it’s got interesting hasn’t it?

So as you enjoy that fantasy in your mind and let yourself drift in to, you really can feel every sensation as if it was happening right now. 

You can truly let your orgasm explode

All you have to do is relax and give your body permission to enjoy those orgasms, the sort that really blow your mind and cause your whole body to feel that pleasure.

Many people orgasm 5 times on the first listen of one of my audios, and many people wait until the 5th time and then have 1 incredible orgasm.

Your subconscious will do what’s perfect for you, in the right time and ALWAYS for your greatest satisfaction. 

Erotic Stories you can enjoy here…


Yep, we have traditional Ebooks, not just mine but also from Lacee Hightower, who has been a great inspiration for a lot of my work.

Erotic Audiobooks

Imagine for a moment, your favourite erotic stories, narrated to you.  So arousing, so sensuous.  You can choose from my ever growing selection of erotic audio stories to bring even deeper pleasure.


Experiential Erotic Audio

My unique range of Experiential Erotic Audio Stories, be warned these are intense.  Using a mixture of Hypnosis, Guided visualisation and Erotic Storytelling Techniques any fantasy can be brought to life.  It’s like you are living every kiss, every touch, every thrust as if you were really there. And you body will respond as if you were in the fantasy….right through to an intense orgasm.

Here’s how it works

 Download your Favourite Stories

You can just choose your favourite stories and download those to keep and listen to as often as you like.

No subscriptions, No commitment..

Anything you buy for download you can also listen to in the VIP area.

VIP Member

Of course, if you would like to really unleash your pleasure, then you can buy a VIP Pass for just $7.99.  As a VIP Member you can also


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  • Enjoy all recordings, as often as you like

Just a few of the recent comments on my recordings…

This was so incredibly hot! I usually listen to stuff like this just to get a little turned on, but I was soaked by the end. I will definitely be listening to it again.

I didn’t think it would work but I’ve never been more relaxed and sexually satisfied in my whole life. Thank you!

I honestly got a little confused when your voice started overlapping but jesus it worked I’ve been trying to get satisfied all night and finally am.

Beautiful- I loved it !

OMG! Amazing … Best Orgasms!!!