I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had listening to you. I listen to this almost erryday. After a mind blowing organism like that, I get the best night’s sleep. I need more from you

Thank you thank you thank you!! I don’t think I ever orgasmed as intense as today, with pulses and muscles pulsating from deep within, and places I didn’t even know I could pulsate! You made me SQUIRTED HANDSFREE!!

As a male, I see this helping me become multi-orgasmic and help me orgasm without ejaculating. Thanks for this.

I just had the best Orgasm and didn’t even touch myself. Every woman should try this

Never before have I written a spiritual experience but this one came close. I’m seeing stars, that was one help of an experience and any lass out there I highly recommend this, at most you lose 30 mins at he’s you get an amazing orgasm or 3.